Osmosis has been my study short movie when I was studying at EMCA in Angoulême.


The project has been done with (Flavien Duron) et (Amanieu Rebu). Go checkout their blog it's worth it.


Synopsis : In a deep, tortuous space, a glowy sphere followed by a blue streak headed fastly to the planet called AFT-32. A highly magnetic planet.


A few moments later, this mysterious sphere crashes on the planet surface, rising a thick dusty cloud.

The sphere then deploys as a quadruped robot. After a quick control of surroundings the robot start to explore the place where it has just crashed. It's only when it came out of the rift that the landscape's greatness appears. It is now facing a panorama which reveals a large orcky desert, dark and colored, yellow-tinted in which there are several smoky lakes and agglomerates of cristals.

The robot continues its journey in query of potential life traces. Crawling between the lakes and finally arriving to the edge of the agglomerate cristals.

Without realizing it, the cristals are glowing one after the others on its way. As he prepares to leave this cluster of crystals, a specially big one faces it. The robot gently approach and scan it. Being focused on its task, it forgets the surrounding environneent and will trap one of its legs in a group of crystals, which resulted in its losing its balance. In its fall, by reflex, it folds to the state of sphere. It finished its fall on a rock.

The robot is slowly reploying itself and recover slowly from its fall, which has taken it in a pretty different environnement.A place much darker. Far away the robot sees a small blueish glow between 2 cliffs. It moves on to this strange light. There it discovers the light's source. On the ground, there is a strange plant. The crystals which surround the plant become more and more glowy.

The plant makes a kind of courtship to attract the quadruped. The robot then deploys its little assistant concealed in its body. This new little robot flies to the plant in order to cut its bulb with the help of its cutter. During the cutting of one of the bulbs, the assistant receive a shock. It falls, lifeless, near the plant. The cutted bulb followed the robot in its fall and finally the plant dies.

The robot goes to his assistant to analyze its condition. It then deploys a mechanical arm and collects the bulb with a cylindrical glass tube which came out of the robot's body. It then continues on its way quietly. But while the robot forward, we can see that on the assistant are growing some organic stems. The bulb, meanwhile starts to move in the tube in which it is contained and begins to germinate. Many stems are gradually invading the robot insides. It reflects nothing until the stems trap one of its legs. He tries to defend itself, but in vain. The robot system is damaged, it implodes and triggers a flash light in a very intensive.

After a moment of hesitation, we come back tothe robot which has mutated in another form. It lays on the ground with a kind of organic clusters. This is not a robot anymore but a hybrid, half-mechanical half organic. On top of the robot a beautiful plant has grown and send in the air a sparkling blue pollen.

What's happening ? We are now in a very dark room where the gigantic figure of a huge machine which control several robots of the same model that we have followed so far can be seen. On the control panel of this huge robot, you can see the planet ATF-32 and a list of robots numbers. One of these numbers is flashing in red with next to it the words: | PLANET : ATF-32 | - | EXPLORER-7 : OFF| - | LIFE : ON |



Some still renders and a video excerpt (the entire video is anavailable due to a data loss).



Tasks done on the project : We have shared equally the differents tasks of this project in order to work on every step of the process.